Monday, October 12, 2009


Hey everyone,

I haven't posted a blog in a while, and truthfully I've been swamped with writing two new books, answering every question I get in, lecturing, and making elixirs. So today I've decided to make a small change.

Here is the notice from the website:

Due to the high volume of questions coming in, we have decided to do something new. As of October 12, 2009 RawMatt will be answering questions only during lectures, phone or email training sessions, and in his new series of videos. This brand new series of videos will be covering a TON of topics and will feature many questions that have been asked.

How to Submit a Question, Topic, or Video Suggestion
1. Submit via email and have your question answered on video
2. Come to a lecture — bring your questions!
3. Get one-on-one training and guidance

So I'll still be taking questions, I just won't be writing back — my focus will be answering questions and spreading information through videos, lectures, and one-on-one training (aside from writing books and so on...).

Take care,