Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Healing Crohn's, IBS, Colitis, and Other Intestinal Disorders

In light of several friends asking me about how to help or heal their intestinal disorders, I have decided to write an article about it which I hope you find helpful.

IBS, Crohn's disease, and colitis are awful effects from an imbalance inside the body. These occurrences are helped by the following:

Nutrient-dense, soothing diet

NUTRIENT-DENSE, SOOTHING DIET. Try removing all flesh foods, legumes, rice, and grains from the diet, as these all contain high level of insoluble fibers and indigestible proteins that bring added inflammation. Limit your consumption of nuts and seeds, as they tend to irritate the intestinal wall of those with Crohn's, colitis, and IBS. Move to excellent, functional foods like acacia fiber, chia seeds, fruits such as figs, cherries, and apples, and aloe vera (very soothing and healing for the intestines), and herbal teas.

HERBS. Now let us look at some herbs that are great for overall healing inside the body. Do not be afraid of herbs when it comes to medicine, as even today over 25% of our pharmaceuticals are made from herbs. The first treatise on herbal medicine was written in 2735 B.C., by the Chinese emperor Shen Nung, and this work is still in use today. The records of King Hammurabi of Babylon, circa 1800 B.C., offer instructions for using medicinal plants, including mint for digestive disorders. For intestinal disorders, which are a result of inflammation and imbalance, I recommend the following:

Bamboo powder
Dandelion root
Mesquite pod
Peppermint leaf (use the fresh leaf for an after-dinner tea)
Fennel seed
Chamomile (note: some people are allergic to the nettle family and should not consume chamomile)
Anise seed
Caraway seed
Ginger root
Licorice root (soothing and healing for the intestines)
Charcoal ("soaks up" gas and toxins from the intestines)
Raw honey/ACV drink prior to meal, especially protein

SUPPLEMENTS. Try supplementing with enzymes. Bromelain, Papain and Serratiopeptidase as they are all anti-inflammatory. Enzymedica Repair Gold is a good one. Add rice bran solubles to a drink or smoothie for an amazing array of nutrients not found in many of today's foods (plus it tastes great - like vanilla). Raw, unfiltered honey is an awesome sweetener and powerful healer, used for centuries to treat digestive upsets and heal the intestines.

FASTING. Above all things, 3 days of fasting once a month is a powerful cure-all. It gives your body a break from digestion so it can turn its attention to catching up on some work and repairing what needs fixing (i.e. your intestines). Avoid all food for a full 3 days, and drink only natural spring water. Avoid lemon water, as that will stimulate your appetite.